Contributing to the Development of Central Asia
and the World Through Technology.

Our PhilosophyCONCEPT

JapanDXT aims to use Japanese technology to create innovations that would have a global impact. We believe that collaboration between Central Asia's potential and Japan's advanced digital technologies can create new businesses and generate significant innovations. By providing a 'place' in Central Asia to receive such innovations, we can build an ecosystem that will continue to create start-ups.
Our vision for JapanDXT is to create a cutting-edge financial system in a joint venture with Central Asian governments, attract investment and people from around the world, create an ecosystem with technological superiority and contribute to global development.

Our Service

TSTX, an STO platform developed by No.1 Solutions Inc. of Japan,
provides the technology to create, issue and manage digital securities.

What is STO?

Security Token Offering is a regulated digital securities offering using blockchain technology. STO combines the advantages of blockchain technology with the requirements of regulated securities markets to support asset liquidity and increase financial inclusion.
Security tokens can be backed by assets, or they can represent shares, debentures or derivatives, or other types of financial instruments.


Global funding


We provide opportunities to contribute to the economic revitalisation of the Uzbekistan market for small-sized corporates & SMEs, which often struggle with financing – tapping into options for funding from both local and foreign sources.

Lower barrier of entry


STOs are similar to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), where a company lists its shares on an exchange. Still, security tokens can be listed much faster and issued at a lower cost.

Security & Transparency


Guarantee the same level of investor confidence and transaction transparency as existing financial instruments by adopting KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering).
Furthermore, it has implemented a unique and highly secure authentication function.

Board Members

Soji Suzuki

Executive ChairmanSoji Suzuki

Tetsuo Omorai

CEOTetsuo Omorai


Company NameJapan DXT Co., Ltd.
Officers ExecutiveChairman Soji Suzuki
President & CEO Tetsuo Omorai
EstablishmentMarch 9, 2022
LocationToshkent city, Mirobod district. 1-lane of Katta Mirobod street, house-86
Main BusinessDigital Transformation, Trade with Central Asia, Consulting